Life's battles don't always go
to the stronger or faster man.
But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can.
by: Walter D. Wintle

Laban Lang
by: AB. Avila

May mga araw sa iyong buhay ay pakiramdam mong
Ang lahat ng bagay ay hindi umaayon sa'yo
Pinilit mong umiwas sa pagkakalunod sa putikan
Ngunit sa kabila ng lahat ay hindi parin naging sapat.

Nitong mga araw,
Ay napakadali na lamang para sa atin ang sumuko
At ang tumalikod palayo sa gulo
Madalas nagiging tama para sa'yo.

Ngunit minsan sa buhay ay dumarating tayo sa puntong
Ooops, Teka lang! Hahayan mo na lang ba silang manalo.
Dumarating ang oras, nakikita mo ang tunay mong saloobin
Tinatanong sa sarili ito ba talaga ang gusto mong mangyari?

Kapag handa ka nang gawin ang mga susunod na hakbang
At ipakita na ikaw ay handa ng lumaban.
Huwag mong isipin ang mga bagay na hindi mo kayang gawin
Dahil kahit anong mangyari, alam mong magiging okay ka rin sa huli.

Copyright © 2018 AB Avila All Rights Reserved.

by AB. Avila, November 20, 2018

As I lay in bed to rest
I keep turning from right to left
That was you and me, I know
Doing the same, million miles away though.

I've got so many sleepless nights and so do you
Dreaming of me just to see me through
I am just exactly in your shoes
Patiently waiting for you.

Along our way we'll fall and bend
But you and I will never regret
As we headed our way from end to end
We promise each other we won't pretend.

You were made for me and so am I
Our path will cross in such a prefect time
And as your eyes gaze on mine
Our feelings won't ever lie.

SOULMATES, is that what we called?
Like a fairy tale story so often told.

Copyright © 2018 AB Avila All Rights Reserved.

Life Is Like A Candle
by AB. Avila, November 20, 2018

A light of candle by my side
I stared at it without a blink of an eye.

The smooth touch of its warm drops
With little pain made me feel alive.

They dry my lips countless nights
To burn the words I've kept and hide.

They slowly flow and fall down
But hardens as they hit the ground.

Copyright © 2018 AB Avila All Rights Reserved.

by AB. Avila, December 01, 2018

In the midst of her sorrow
There is a glimpse of hope
Hope that turns to magnify her curiosity
And fears upon knowing it
That it will only cost her so much pain.

She was actually once with a smiling face
And every little moment that she viewed
Was gone without leaving a bit of trace.
Crystal clear erupted from her deep eyes
Gave her reasonable amount of time to realize.

Lack of Love has turned her down
Not a single bridge of happiness she ever found
From a distance is where she stood
To see her broken heart
That once has been hooked.

Copyright © 2018 AB Avila All Rights Reserved.

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